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🌟 Calling All Creative Storytellers 🌟

Do you have a passion for crafting captivating children's stories that can ignite young imaginations and warm the hearts of little readers? At Moggu Books, we are on a mission to bring these stories to life and create enchanting picture books that will be cherished for generations to come. And we need your help!


📚 We invite you to share your beautiful children's stories with us! 📚

If you have a story that can transport children to magical worlds, teach them valuable life lessons,  simply make them smile,  or help them grow with spreading love and compasion, we want to hear from you. Your story could become the next beloved children's book, and Moggu Books is here to make that dream a reality.


Why choose Moggu Books?

🎨We believe in the power of imagination and the beauty of childhood. Our team is committed to nurturing young minds through visually stunning and heartwarming picture books.

📖 We are fresh and very passionate  to bring  creative stories to life, providing exceptional illustrations, and making stories come to life for children all over the world.

🌟 Our dedicated team will work closely with you to transform your story into a captivating picture book that will be cherished by families everywhere.


Ready to share your story?

✉️ Send your children's story to Please include your contact information and a brief introduction to yourself along with your submission.


We can't wait to discover the magic within your stories and work together to create something truly special. Your imagination could spark the next adventure for countless children and their families.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of young readers. Let's create unforgettable childhood memories together!

Stay tuned for updates on our latest projects, inspiring stories, and the magic that unfolds at Moggu Books.


Thank you for being a part of our creative journey.

Warm regards,

Moggu Books Team