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Maari - A Gift From The Skies

Maari - A Gift From The Skies

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English;Maari - A Gift From The Skies by Anusha Veluswamy


Persistent heat waves have left Kanmani’s village burnt and bare, but her village is rather busy gearing up for a festival. The village people cautiously prepare decorative pots, the women wrap themselves in bright silk sarees, and the men, women, and children bring out their parai and beat the drums joyfully! What could they be celebrating now? Why are they celebrating when the soaring temperature has only brought more bad news to the village? Will there be a drought this year? Maari – a gift from the skies is a peek into Kanmani’s world – her little village in Tamil Nadu. It is a story of finding safety within your community, finding calm in your chaos, and a story about the gentle empathy of nature. This book will also help to begin conversations on Indian folk dances

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