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Where Is Mr.Thookam?

Where Is Mr.Thookam?

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English;Where Is Mr.Thookam? (A Bedtime Story of Love) by Anusha Veluswamy


Pattu wakes up in the night to find Mr. Thookam gone! She reaches out to Akka with her fears, and the two set out to find Mr. Thookam. But where is Mr. Thookam? Why is he hiding? Do they find Mr. Thookam? Children’s struggle with sleep is real. This story addresses children’s night time fears with giant scoops of wonder, humour and fantasy. But beyond that, it is a story of two sisters. A love story between siblings. A story where one stands for another without judgment and the other holds on, while one trashes fears and the other finds comfort. Where is Mr. Thookam? is a little episode from their adventurous, loved and happy life.

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